Tourists often associate Armenia with the tourism homeland, due to all the famous travellers that have passed through its mountains. All kinds of known or unknown tourism can be enjoyed here, and we offer the best, new solutions. Travelling on highways can get boring, and often takes more time than is spent at the destination. We offer off-road paths where the journey itself is part of the experience. Natural foods in a rural and traditional environment are just some of the other shades of the diverse experience available in Armenia’s mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. We, the staff of our open-air museum, are waiting for you. Welcome.


Many horses helped Hannibal cross the treacherous paths over the Alps and reach the gates of Rome. Now we invite you to overcome Armenian mountains with the horsepower of our jeeps and reach your dreams. To see and participate in the traditional Armenian lavash baking process. To live in Armenian rural houses. To taste Dolma made by our Armenian mothers and grandmothers. To cook traditional Armenian barbecues with our fathers and grandfothers. I have a dream to see Armenia and it will be the whole world for me.